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100W LED Construction Work Light 50ft 12000Lm 5000K Linkable LED Construction Lights

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This LED construction light set allow you to connect a maximum of 12linkable work  light sets together with the extension waterproof plug. They are easily set up and stored. Perfect for a job site where the end of the cord serves as a plug. 50ft UL-listed cord with five 20W cage guarded led light bulb spaced 10 feet apart and waterproof plugs designed for large spaces that need bright lighting, like attic, outdoor camp lights, greenhouse, carport, crawl space lighting, temporary outdoor work area, outdoor events, warehouse.
Heavy-duty metal cage around light is great for prevent accidental bulb breakage due to moving things around. The high output industrial grade LED lamps provide greater durability and extended lamp life compared to traditional lamps, reducing maintenance and repairs while increasing overall illumination reliability on the job site.
This Linkable LED work area  light is designed for high output job site illumination. Each 20W LED light bulb provides more and higher quality light than 100 wattage incandescent lights while creating less heat and using less power. With the frosted covers, led work light can produce much better soft lighting for your work place. We stand by our words with our 5 year unlimited warranty.

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